Reiki kanji About me:
My name is Anne-Kristina Wij and I give Reiki treatments by appointment and I teach Reiki courses here in Belgium near Namur.
Reiki came to my life in 1999 and since then I followed Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Japanese techniques (TJR) courses here in Belgium.
I became a Reiki Master in 2001 in the UK where I followed my Reiki Master course and received my Reiki Master attunement inside the stone circle of Stonehenge from William Lee Rand (The International Center for Reiki Training, Southfield, Michigan, US).
Then 1 year later I took the Karuna Reiki Master training also with William and received the Karuna Master attunement also within the Stonehenge.
Here you can see my Reiki lineage: Lineage
Since 2001 I have taught Reiki classes and given Reiki treatments by appointment here in Bois-de-Villers in Belgium.
However, during all these years I have sometimes taken a break from it for travelling. Sometimes we all need time in the nature, the silence of the far north ...
It just feels so good to receive Reiki treatments from others, to do Reiki self-treatments and to give Reiki treatments to others. It's like receiving serenity, calm, love, wisdom and relaxation at the same time...
I'm a Belgian citizen, but originally from the Nordic countries and live in Belgium since 1992. I'm married to a Flemish Belgian and we live in the Walloon, French speaking part of Belgium since 1995. We have a 19 yo daughter.
I'm fluent in the following languages: English, French, Danish, Finnish and I also speak some Dutch. I'm used to speaking these languages almost every day, all depending who I'm working with and where.
Usually the Reiki courses here in Bois-de-Villers are in French, but we also organise Reiki courses in English. Just ask me for more information.
I love all animals, but especially dogs are very close to my heart. I have given many Reiki treatments to dogs ever since 1999. My own dog is a German Shephard and I go for long walks in the nature with her every morning. I also love meditation and hiking in the nature.

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