Reiki kanji Usui - Tibetan Reiki and Karuna Reiki ®
Latest update: 15.12.2020:
Distance Reiki treatments on Skype by appointment 1 h : 40 €
1. Phone me for an appointment.
2. Add me as a contact on Skype:
My identifier: annekristinawij_1
3.You can pay by Paypal
(Paypal invoices you automatically and sends you a receit.)
4. We'll meet on Skype at the time of your appointment.


Useful links:

Cabinet ReikiAppointments in the Reiki room are not possible for the moment due to covid-19 restrictions.
Appointments on Skype only.

Appointments in the Reiki room when there are no Covid-19 restrictions:
Reiki treatment 1 h - 1 h 30 min : 40 €
Karuna Reiki ® treatment 1 h - 1 h 30 min : 50 €

Contact details
Monday to Sunday, 9.30 am -6.30 pm: 0473-794899 Anne.

Reiki space by appointment only:

5170 Bois-de-Villers

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment. Private parking right in front of the house.
We don't have a "bancontact" (ATM).

Reiki courses:
Courses are usually held near 5170 Bois-de-Villers or 5100 Wépion, but for each class there is a separate announcement for where exactly.

How to enrol:
Phone me and e-mail me your contact details.
I need your details for your course certificate and for the invoice + receit.
After your enrolment you'll receive a e-mail with all the practical information.
Your spot on the course is reserved as soon as you have paid a 50 euro deposit. If you don't show up on the day of the course we wont give you a refund of those 50 euros.
You can either pay the balance in cash when you arrive at the course or pay by BACS at least 1 week before the course. There is no bancontact (ATM) at the course location.






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