Latest update: 1st of April, 2021:
Reiki treatments by appointment in person are not allowed in Belgium for the moment, because of the Covid-19 measures. You can phone Anne for more information about distance sessions on Skype or Zoom: 0473-794899

What is a Reiki treatment?
A Reiki treatment is a type of energy healing which is given by laying on of hands to activate the natural healing process. A Reiki treatment is given on a comfortable Reiki table in a relaxing atmosphere and it feels wonderful to receive.  Reiki is not a massage and the person who receives the treatment doesn’t have to undress.
A Reiki treatment can also be given through Skype as distance healing.
Many practitioners use Reiki as a tool for personal growth and do regular self-treatments.
Reiki is available to everybody who wants to receive a treatment and anybody can become a practitioner as Reiki can easily be learned by anyone.
A Reiki treatment is very gentle and relaxing, which helps you to reconnect with your inner peace while getting more energy.

Reiki for a healing:
If you have a health problem or a condition, Reiki acts as a complementary treatment and doesn’t replace medical care. Holistic Reiki energy can gently help you to heal as it works on all levels; physical, mental-emotional and spiritual.
The universal healing energy of Reiki harmonizes your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies by grounding the essential life force within your energy system, which expands your capacity to carry more light and love.
A total exhaustion or mental-emotional exhaustion (burnout) can be a result of long term stress (whatever the reason). A Reiki treatment can recharge the energetic reserves and help to find joy of life again. Then it's easier to take a step back, to put things into perspective and to see things more clearly.
When you are more at ease after a Reiki treatment, it’s easier to let go when you are anchored and centred in the present moment. Then the mind can find it’s calm happy place again.

Reiki is an intelligent energy:
Since Reiki energy is spiritually guided life-force energy ,it always adapts to the needs of the person receiving it.
A Reiki practitioner doesn’t heal anything and is not using their own energy for the treatment.
During a Reiki treatment , a Reiki practitioner channels Reiki energy through their hands . He or she only places their hands on different hand positions on the receivers body and lets the Reiki energy flow without influencing it in anyway.
Reiki doesn’t have anything to do with any religion and you can find Reiki practitioners of all ages in most religions, traditions and countries.
We all have a “divine spiritual part, a spiritual-self” , a small part of ourselves which is connected to a Higher Power whether we are aware of it or not. Within the context of Reiki, it’s your own “divine” part (who knows everything about you and what you need for your healing and what is for your highest good), which decides where the energy goes during the treatment and how much of it you need.
This way there is an automatic fail-safe protection in Reiki and you can never cause harm with it.
Reiki always works and helps in some way, even if the person receiving the treatment doesn’t believe in it.
However, sometimes Reiki might work differently than expected , but it always helps.
Phone me if you have any questions. My details are on the contact page.

A purification process which might happen after Reiki treatments or attunements:
The flow of Reiki energy through the physical and subtle energy bodies encourages the gradual release of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual "toxins" that have made their way into the cellular memory and built up in the energy system over time. Toxic build-up is the result of past experiences such as injuries, illnesses, and traumatic events as well as poor health habits and pollutants in this and other lifetimes.
Usually the releasing experience is very gentle and happens without even noticing and goes fast through your system.
However, sometimes rarely there are “symptoms” of this cleansing process as it works through the energy system. Sometimes this “healing crisis” might take hours, days, weeks or even longer.
Sometimes, as all levels of your being are releasing these toxins you might experience: flu-like symptoms, fever, headache, sore throat, coughing, aching joints and muscles, tingling sensations, nausea, constipation and diarrhoea. You might also need to sleep and rest more for a period of time. Also deeply held repressed emotions might come up to the surface so you can address them and let them go. This might also happen with old repressed memories as well, in order to allow the body and mind to heal.
Drinking a lot of water , resting and being kind to your self helps the healing crisis to pass.






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