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Karuna is a Sanskrit word and means any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others and could also be translated as "compassionate action". The Karuna energy is different than Usui Reiki energy and many experience it very powerful as it goes deeper . However, it's very gentle at the same time.
Karuna works on all energy bodies simultaneously and a treatment acts like a laser beam on the area where it's needed. Practically it works directly on the energy form of the problem. The receiver doesn't have to relive the traumatic experiences of the past for them to be healed.
There are 8 treatment Symbols at the practitioner level and 4 Master Symbols. The Karuna Symbols are applied during a Reiki treatment. They are added, implemented and activated within the Reiki treatment.
Karuna Reiki ® was developed by William Lee Rand, the person who taught me Karuna Reiki in 2002. These intense energy frequencies weren't available on Earth before the 90ies.
Karuna Reiki ® courses
Karuna Reiki ® practitioner course is available for those who already have followed the Reiki 2 course (Reiki Usui). You receive a detailed course manual and a Karuna Reiki ® practitioner certificate at the end of the completed course.
A 2-day course : 350 €
Until very recently this course was only available for those who had at least completed the Reiki ART / 3a course and had the Master Symbol. Now it's possible to follow this Karuna Reiki ® practitioner course if you already have Reiki 2.
Karuna Reiki ®Master course is only available for Reiki Masters who has followed the Karuna Reiki® practitioner course with us. You receive a detailed course manual and a Karuna Reiki ®Master certificat at the end of the completed course.
A 2-day course : 750 €
We usually organise the 2 courses (Karuna Reiki ® practitioner and Karuna Reiki ®Master ) together as a 3-day intensive course for 1000 euros (instead of 350 euros + 750 euros)

My Karuna Reiki ® lineage:
William Lee Rand
=> Anne-Kristina Wij
My Karuna Master registration number: 83035.   

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