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Reiki is a very powerful, but simple and holistic form of energy healing system, which activates our own natural healing capacities in body-mind-spirit.
It’s given by laying on of hands and can be easily learned by anyone. Reiki was re-discovered in Japan and works really well for relaxation and stress reduction.
There are no entry requierements to learn Reiki.
You don't need have worked with energies before and there are no special skills or abilities needed. Reiki is for everybody !
The ability to channel Reiki energy through your hands is received during the attunement process which is received from a Reiki Master (= Reiki teacher). The attunements are given on a Reiki course.
The word "Master" in the context of Reiki simply means a teacher or a tutor. It certainly doesn't mean a spiritual master or a guru !
The attunement process activates the channel which allows the Reiki energy to pass through and also the chakra points the palm of hands. The attunement creates a special and permanent link between the receiver and the Reiki source.

Practical course information for all courses:

  • Course times: 9.00-17.30 h (on both days).
  • You receive a detailed course manual and a certificate at the end of completed course.
  • Lunch: Bring your own lunch. We provide for coffee,tea and herbal tea with biscuits and snacks for breaks.
  • Venue: TBA, usually in 5170 Bois-de-Villers or 5100 Wépion.
  • Group: small group of 4-8 people.
Reiki 1 à Wépion







Reiki 1: a 2-day course: 150 €
Entry requirements: none, no previous experience needed. Everybody is welcome.

Reiki 1 course will cover:

  • What is Reiki and Reiki energy?
  • 4 attunements for Reiki 1
  • Self-treatment
  • Reiki history
  • Guided meditation
  • Human energy system: chakras and energy bodies
  • 5 Reiki principles
  • Reiki treatment on a Reiki table
  • Reiki treatment without a table
  • Chakra balancing
  • ..and much more !

Reiki 2: a 2-day course: 200 €
Entry requirements: Reiki 1.

Reiki 2 course will cover:
  • Reiki Symbols: their meanings and how to use them
  • 2 attunements for Reiki 2: Usui and Tibetan
  • Reiki for treating the mind and emotions
  • Reiki distance treatment
  • Energetic cleanse of a room or a house with Reiki
  • Body scanning
  • Beaming
  • Sending Reiki to personal situations
  • Meditating with Reiki Symbols
  • Reiki for personal growth
  • A lot of practise !

Reiki ART/3a course, a 2 day course: 350 €
Entry requirements: Reiki 2
During this course you will receive the attunement for the Reiki Usui Master Symbol, which raises your energetic vibratory level to the level of a Reiki Master. The Master Symbol can be used to make your work with Reiki stronger. This course is for those who would like to learn everything else from the Master level except for how to give attunements, because not everybody wants to teach Reiki courses and give attunements. However, if you would like to teach Reiki courses and give attunements you can, after this course, follow the Reiki Master (=teacher) course.

Reiki ART/3a, (ART = Advanced Reiki Training ) will cover:

  • Ancient origins of Reiki
  • Usui Master Symbol
  • Reiki ART/3a attunement for the Master Symbol
  • Reiki meditation
  • Antahkarana healing Symbol
  • Reiki with crystals and Reiki Crystal grid
  • Reiki psychic surgery that allows you to remove negative psychic energy from yourself and others and send it to the light
  • Huy Yin point
  • Reiki 3 meditation
  • Guided meditation for meeting your Reiki Guide

Reiki Master course (teacher course (= level 3b), a 2-day course, 750 €
This course is for those who would like to teach Reiki courses and give attunements.
Everybody is welcome, even if you have followed your Reiki 1 and 2 somewhere else, though it's recommended to have followed your Reiki ART/3a with us.
We usually organise the 2 courses (Reiki ART/3a and Reiki Master (3b /teacher)) together as a 3-day intensive course for 1000 euros (instead of 350 euros + 750 euros).

Reiki Master (teacher), a 2-day course will cover:
  • The Tibetan Master Symbol
  • The other Tibetan Symbol
  • Reiki Usui/Tibetan Master attunement
  • Violet breath
  • Healing attunement
  • How to give attunements for all levels of Reiki Usui/Tibetan
  • How to give attunements for all levels of traditional Usui Reiki
  • Self-attunement
  • A lot of practise of all attunements on other people in the group
  • You receive many attunements from others in the group
  • Reiki Master's ethic






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