Reiki Symbols
Symbols are like keys that open doors to the higher levels of consciousness. Reiki symbols are transcendent and they work on all levels of your whole being and they connect directly to the Divine Consciousness (Rei). When a Reiki symbol is used by a Reiki practitioner, the Divine Consciousness (Rei) responds by changing how the Reiki energy works. Symbols work automatically each time they are used.
Reiki symbols are charged with powerful healing energies. In addition, they have their own energy and consciousness. You can meditate on them and their use.
Each symbol has its own sacred name (= it's mantra).
You receive the Symbols and their sacred names on the Reiki course.

How to use Reiki Symbols
Usually to activate and use a Symbol you can just trace it with a finger and then repeat it's sacred name 3 times. Always use the middle finger when you draw symbols. They can be traced in the palms of the hands just before sending distance Reiki or just before giving a treatment. They can also be traced directly on the body. Sometimes they are traced in the air or just visualized. Intention is very important in the use of symbols. Anytime you draw a Symbol with the intention of activating and using it, it works.

The differences in Reiki Symbols
It's very well known that there are differences in the Symbols used by one Reiki lineage to another. The reason could be that back in time Reiki students didn't get Symbol drawings or Reiki manuals on Reiki courses. They received the Symbols and they memorised them. Then the received Symbols were burned to keep them secret. This meant that the Reiki Masters back then gave the memorised Symbols to their students, so it happened that the symbols were slightly different. Today, most Reiki Masters give a Reiki manual and Symbol drawings to their students.

The origin of Reiki Symbols
Reiki has arrived in 3 times on planet Earth. The first time was during the time of Lemuria, then during the time of Atlantis and then through Mikao Usui at the end of the 19th century.
Reiki is still with us today.
It's quite possible that the original Reiki and the original Symbols from the time of Lemuria, 100 000 years ago, are about to to return to the Reiki practitioners of today and for their use.

The Symboles are kept secret
Usually the Reiki Symbols have always been kept secret, because it's not helpful for anybody to publish the Symbols as you are meant to work with the Symbols you received during a Reiki course and which you received an attument for.
Any Symbols copied from the internet or from somewhere else are not going to work without having received an attunement for exactly that specific Symbol.
You can receive the original and pure Reiki Symbols with the attunements for them on a Reiki course. It's also important to receive their meanings and learn how to use them.

Names of the Usui Reiki Symbols in English:

  • The Power Symbol
  • The Mental/Emotional Symbol
  • The Distance Symbol
  • The Master Symbol






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